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Warmly welcome leaders of Guangdong Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association to visit Sunzee Company for guidance

2022-12-03 16:14:35

Secretary General Zou was amazed at the rows of automatic cotton candy vending machine being orderly produced in the workshop of Sunzee Company. He could not help saying: Sunzee Intelligent is a well-equipped modern production base with profound development and admirable corporate culture.


Company Introduction

On the afternoon of June 20th,

Guangdong Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association

Secretary General Zou came to guide the work.

Sunzee Intelligent marketing director Luo Shaofeng right

The basic situation of the company is introduced, and tells the development process and company vision, as well as the application prospect of Sunzee smart retail products.

△General information of the company

△General information of the company

△Watch the company s promotional video

△Watch the company s promotional video


Enterprise Visit

Food and Packaging Industry Association Secretary General Zou and

Peer leadership at Sunzee Intelligence

Accompanied by Deputy General Manager, Mr Lee Yiu-kee,

Visited the fully automatic cotton candy machine

Production workshop and equipment exhibition hall!

△Visit the production workshop exhibition hall on the fifth floor

△Visit the patent display wall

△View the layout of the production plant

△Visit the commissioning area

△Visit the assembly workshop

△General view of finished product area

△General view of final assembly area

Secretary General Zou saw the workshop of Sunzee Company

Rows of cotton candy robots in orderly production are very surprised, can not help but say: Sunzee Intelligent is a well-equipped modern production base, profound development, corporate culture let people admire.

Mr. Li, Deputy General manager of Sunzee, introduced the current production situation of the company.

In order to meet customers' demand for products, our company constantly expands production capacity, and continuously improves management measures to effectively improve production line efficiency and product quality,

enhance research and development strength and production capacity, and continue to provide for customers

High-performance smart retail equipment.



After a field trip,

The industry association delegation accompanied the company's senior leaders back to the meeting room for discussion.

Both sides had an in-depth discussion on the current situation and future development direction of food machinery enterprises in the industry.

At the meeting, both sides had in-depth exchanges on food safety and hygiene, green environmental protection and other topics, and reached consensus;

The emphasis is on strengthening the cooperative relationship with each other to develop and promote the application of new processes in the food machinery industry.

Jointly establish and improve industry standards and norms, and constantly promote the harmonious and win-win development among industries, associations and enterprises.


Take a group photo

Sunzee Intelligent has been committed to creating the highest performance intelligent retail products, 
focusing on the research and development of high-quality, high-performance intelligent food machinery equipment, 
with efficient and reliable intelligent equipment to contribute to the food machinery industry.

The symposium ended successfully in a warm atmosphere and everyone took a group photo together.

Finally, we would like to thank Guangdong Food Machinery and Packaging Industry Association for visiting our company.

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