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New retail is changing, and automatic cotton candy machines are brewing new opportunities

2022-04-12 09:52:22

  In recent years, China can be regarded as a rising star in the field of vending machines. On the one hand, demand and consumption have been upgraded; on the other hand, leading brands and channel providers have continuously broken through retail products, channels, marketing methods and traditional business models. Boundaries, various forces push new retail into the current focus. High-level business leaders are busy breaking the boundaries of time and space in retail, and they attach great importance to both online and offline. With this wave of new technologies, traditional retail companies have gained unprecedented opportunities and tremendous growth, including vending machine manufacturers that welcomed new markets a few years ago. In the development of smart retail, the turning point of vending machines has come. Today, vending machines can be found everywhere in subway/high-speed rail stations, airports, tourist attractions, communities, schools, office buildings, and many more. In the endless stream of vending machines coming to the market, the market has also experienced flooding. According to the investigation of authoritative platforms, many vending machines in the market have encountered bottlenecks such as difficulty in drainage, difficulty in marketing, and low profits. In this regard, Li Guolin of Shenze Intelligence said that many products on the market are relatively single, and there is no desire to attract consumers to buy actively. Investing in automatic vending products requires not only comprehensive consideration of the purchase of products, but also more attention to the place of delivery. In order to solve this bottleneck problem, Shenergy Smart Company has launched a series of fully automatic cotton candy machines, operating such related products, with low cost and high profit: each cotton candy costs 1 yuan, the price is customized, and the average customer sets their own price of 10 yuan. -30 yuan, a machine can easily achieve a monthly income of over 10,000. Wide application scenarios: It can be used in various scenarios, such as commercial complexes, shopping malls, commercial pedestrian streets, food cities, amusement parks, theme parks, zoos and other special places. Self-contained drainage attributes: The machine has a unique shape, and the visual window is ornamental. The manipulator automatically makes marshmallows throughout the process, which is delicious and beautiful. The machine has its own Internet celebrity attributes, which are easy to be punched in and photographed for publicity. In the modern fast-paced life, people are increasingly in need of convenient, fast and self-service services. With the development of big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, vending machines have developed rapidly. Vending machines have become an integral part of the retail format, so product selection is key. Generally speaking, the rise of the vending machine business has become a trend. After all, compared with the 8-hour manual service, this kind of equipment that can provide services 24 hours a day has lower operating costs and is more vulnerable to investors. favor. However, it should be noted that because it is unmanned, consumers will pay more attention to the consumption experience than manual services. This Shenze intelligent automatic cotton candy machine has been fully solved for everyone, accompanied by the participation of elites from various industries. , New retail is undergoing changes, the market is entering a new stage of development, a new beginning, and new opportunities are also brewing

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