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No sales, breaking technical barriers, many people are unanimously optimistic about the reasons

2022-03-28 16:02:56

    First share a story about a young man who made a lot of money in the US in the 1990s. In order to preserve his wealth, he spent a lot of energy researching the reasons why the rich go bankrupt. The final conclusion is that many people think they are very smart. To expand their business, they invest everywhere to earn more small goals. After understanding this truth, he has done nothing since then, and he has saved a lot of money by working hard to eat, drink and have fun. This fact coincides with the research of Yu Tiecheng, director of the International M&A Research Center of Jiaotong University. When he researched the rich people in China, he found that many rich people with assets of more than 50 billion have been established for more than 20 years. However, most of the group's debt ratio is above 60%. More importantly, these companies like to diversify and expand. But then again, how can you make money without investing? The big man in history, the investment will also fail, let alone us. Therefore, we have to do more analysis before making any investment. In addition to listening to the salesman, we need to do more research to verify the project's practicability and weigh the trade-offs before implementation. Next, I will talk about an investment project, and everyone will analyze whether it can be implemented. Many industries are now very dependent on talent and prime locations, which are prohibitive at the technical level. Unmanned sales, break down technical barriers, minimize the requirements for people and land, and create income on the basis of not occupying working time , which is why I agree with many people. It is also one of the most frequently chosen side jobs right now.

Shenze Intelligence has been focusing on this field for nearly ten years. Now I'm making an automatic cotton candy robot. Listening to the name, I can analyze that the product is cotton candy, a vending machine, and the technical content is quite high.(After all, people know that handwork requires a certain accumulation of skills).In the past three years, the first wooden box version of the automatic cotton candy machine has iterated to sheet metal, to semi-automatic, to the globally popular classic fully automatic, to the upgraded fully automatic UI design,And then to the mini, Shenze Intelligence is constantly updating and iterating, and it outputs automation equipment with better performance, which brings great convenience to customer operation and maintenance!

1. Market demand: Children, couples and young women shopping are the main force of consumption. The audience is very broad! 2. Product point of view: Marshmallow, which carries childhood memories, has a good taste, is sweet but not greasy, and has a high repurchase rate. It has a large number of consumers. 3. Competitive point of view: Marshmallows are not sold online, and offline vendors are mainly mobile vendors. Affected by weather and temperature, they often deal with urban management. There are also safety and hygiene issues, and the penetration rate is not high. So it can be said that there is no competition online and offline. 4. Location: There are many applicable scenarios, such as squares, scenic spots, kindergartens, primary schools, vaccinations, hospitals, Haidilao, training institutions, shopping malls, children's areas, cinemas, etc. 5. Income: The first source is the advertising screen, which can rotate 30 advertisements; the second source is cotton candy products, one cost 1 yuan, ordinary cotton candy 10 yuan, fancy 12-15 yuan. The average profit is 10 yuan per item. On average, 30 are sold every day from Monday to Friday. An average of 80 per day on Saturday and Sunday (conservative). Special days such as Valentine's Day and New Year's Day can even sell for more than 150. 6. Feasibility: The product has high freshness, unique in the market, beautiful and delicious, and easy to promote dynamically. People often come here to take pictures and punch cards. Comes with internet celebrity properties. Sugar is produced in 7.90s, the production is programmed, the product is stable, and the whole process is closed and automatically operated, which is hygienic. Personally, in order to find a profitable project, novelty must be satisfied. There is no or very little competition online and offline. There is a certain audience, and a single product is highly profitable. Consumers better take the initiative to promote!