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Sunzee intelligent automatic cotton candy machine, the first choice for low-cost entrepreneurial projects

2022-03-24 11:48:37

With the development of science and technology and the rise of new retail models, many cities already have unmanned vending machines, such as fully automatic cotton candy machines, which cover a small area, are small and cute, easy to operate, and have complete flavors. It's no surprise that there are long queues in front of it. So how much is a welcome automatic cotton candy machine? Let's take a look at this fully automatic cotton candy machine from Shenze Smart. On the internal structure, the main structure of the automatic marshmallow machine seen in the shopping mall is made of custom-made national standard sheet metal, food-grade PP, food-grade silicone hose and other materials with excellent performance. The fully enclosed manipulator makes candy. Double cabin door design, separate doors for sugar making and sugar taking, visualizing the sugar making process, so that customers will not be bored during the waiting process, and the sugar can be quickly produced in 90 seconds, ensuring the food is clean and hygienic. In terms of external feeling and appearance, it adopts classic dream colors, sky blue + pink; the light box is dazzling, the body is dreamy, and the marshmallow theme is highlighted, which can attract people's attention from a distance and bring its own drainage; 4 flavors and 30 flower patterns are optional for customers to choose. The cotton candy tastes sweet but not greasy, and the fully automatic production is safer and more hygienic than the traditional hand-made ones exposed to the air. The product has passed the national CB certification; at the same time, it is also very convenient to pay, and you can easily scan the code to realize WeChat, Alipay and other lines. pay on. Liberate businessmen, and you can make profits while sitting at home, which is also a good choice as a side business. The input cost of the automatic cotton candy machine is not high, and it is not difficult as a project for college students to start a business. It is also suitable for mother and baby shops, indoor playgrounds, drainage of restaurants, etc.! Guangzhou Shenze Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative automation enterprise integrating robot research and development, production, sales and service. Seven years of technology accumulation, continuous research and development, polishing, updating and iteration, insisting on innovative design, high-tech application and stable quality performance , to provide professional demand solution services for brand operators, chain enterprises and entrepreneurs. At present, Shenze Smart has more than 30 patents, and the global sales volume of automatic cotton candy machines has reached 5,000+ units, covering 25+ countries and entering 70+ cities in China; a strong after-sales team provides one-to-one service! Shenze intelligence, excellent technical force, superior guarantee performance, leading quality in the industry, the world's first initiative, and the technology is guaranteed! Automatic cotton candy equipment, really choose Shenze!

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