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The second half of new retail in 2022: the new market of fully automatic cotton candy robots

2022-03-24 11:35:30

The second half of new retail in 2022: fully automatic cotton candy robot hits the road 2018 is called the first year of "new retail". Many companies and new business models broke out in this year. When new retail enters the second half, how to help traditional retailers through big data, artificial intelligence and other means and technologies Providing the best solutions for users, commodities, and venues, empowering the traditional retail industry, and helping traditional retail companies to upgrade and transform their brands have become a problem for all participants to explore tirelessly. Who can find the best solution in this struggle? You can enjoy the market feedback. From the perspective of Internet thinking, no matter which industry, business operations are integrating multiple resources to achieve a win-win strategy. A single dimension of traffic and transactions is far from meeting the current goal of maximizing the value of resources. "Focus", "extreme", "word-of-mouth", and "fast" have become the most mainstream consensus at the moment, empowering more communities of interest and partners with services, and creating a business model from user-product-service-brand-data-user Only by waiting for the entire commercial closed loop can we achieve all-round cost reduction and efficiency enhancement under the tide of new retail, especially when 2020 is off to a bad start, and offline brick-and-mortar stores are extremely difficult. As the hottest outlet of new retail: the prospect of the unmanned vending machine industry has been successfully tested on the body of the doll, equipped with the outlet of live broadcast, and new business models such as online catching dolls have been born, allowing participants to feel this track. There are many more opportunities. Business giants such as Ali, Tencent, and JD.com are rushing to the beach. Even Luckin, the big guy in the coffee industry, has cross-border unmanned new retail, and has released its new retail products "Ruihuasuan" and "RuiXiang" in a high-profile manner to further get closer to users. , the traffic entry under the layout line. The emergence of terms such as new retail, unmanned retail, online and offline all means that the market blue ocean has become a consensus. But in the same way, the doll machines that are popular all over the country have obviously exposed their shortcomings: single gameplay, large venue restrictions, and more importantly, the difficulty of artificial regulation. In an increasingly saturated market and increasingly competitive environment, the profit margins of participants are gradually diluted. In this context, the fully automatic cotton candy machine was born as a game-breaker. Compared with the doll machine, the entertainment, fun, and edibility of the fully automatic cotton candy machine firmly grasp the consumer psychology of children. Behind the high-frequency purchase is a continuous and stable high income. At the same time, the consumption scenarios of unlimited venues, unlimited time and unlimited consumer groups bring extremely low operating costs and high rates of return. As the leader of the fully automatic cotton candy machine, Xiaolanghua Cotton Candy uses an original lazy economic model and nanny service to allow participants to truly make money while lying down with a very low threshold. With various functions such as advertising screens, mini games, and online business, each automatic cotton candy machine is not only an offline sales scene, but also a mobile carrier integrating data collection and distribution, advertising marketing, and brand display functions. Directly attack the essence of commodity operation, let more stakeholders participate in it, and realize the strategic goal of multi-party resource sharing and multi-party win-win. The ultimate goal of business operations is to solve the pain points and potential concerns of consumers. In the era of higher and higher material levels, consumers have increasingly higher requirements for products. The concepts of safety, hygiene and health are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Due to the diversity of commodities Let the attractiveness of the product itself gradually decline, replaced by the services and solutions that accompany the product. Through the interaction with consumers, it is particularly critical to realize the continuous recognition of the brand in the whole process of commodity trading, and help the brand to continuously improve and strengthen its position in the minds of consumers. This is reflected most vividly in the Shenze intelligent automatic cotton candy machine. As an independent consumption scene, each cotton candy machine is equipped with functions such as advertising screens, mini games, and online business. The machine can be set according to different scenarios. The fixed commercial advertisements will invisibly affect the consumption choices of users in the process of stopping, and at the same time change the theme from time to time and seize the current hot spots to enhance their attractiveness. The most important thing is that the variety of gameplay can realize monthly promotions, daily activities, daily surprises, value-for-money consumption experience and irresistible consumption experience, which brings a super sticky user group and Continuous strengthening of brand awareness. At the same time, safe and hygienic products and the spirit of excellence have also been recognized by consumers, and after the end of user consumption, the different user habits sorted out according to big data technology make the choice of goods and services more evidence-based, so that thousands of There are thousands of people, and they are recommended according to the preferences of consumers. At the same time, it will join forces with major partners to achieve a win-win situation for all participants in the unmanned vending machine industry.

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