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Fearless of the epidemic, service first, I believe that spring will eventually bloom

2022-03-23 15:48:34

Since the first case of novel coronavirus pneumonia was found in Wuhan in the middle and early December of 2019, the scale of diagnosis has been increasing, and the affected areas have spread from Wuhan to the whole country and from home to overseas. Although it is still in the outbreak period, the epidemic has also brought losses to China and even the global economy. However, under the leadership of the party and the active cooperation of the people of the whole country, the epidemic has also been preliminarily controlled, and the economic recovery is just around the corner.

At the same time, for each customer's visit and negotiation, all the staff of Shenze company are also trying their best to provide the best service. We hope that each customer's arrival can be as warm and cordial as home.
Nowadays, the cotton candy robot is like the rising sun. Its prospect makes us like seeing a shining light, and also makes our old customers have the determination to develop a larger market. Fearless of the epidemic, I believe that spring will bloom in the end!

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