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Sunzee intelligent automatic cotton candy machine - sweet storm sweeping the country

2022-03-23 15:21:04

2020, a year of disasters?Global: The outbreak of the new coronavirus spreads, the Australian mountain fires lasted for five months, and about 360 billion locust plagues broke out in Africa...Domestic: new crown virus, severe economic situation, floods in Jiangxi, earthquake in Tangshan...The CPC Central Committee has always put people's safety and health first, and has taken strong measures to prevent and control the epidemic, and have achieved major strategic achievements in the national fight against the epidemic. at the same time,my country has coordinated the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and hastened to restore the order of production and life. Entering the second quarter, the resumption of work and production, the resumption of business and the market are progressing in an orderly manner.In the second quarter, the economic growth rate turned from negative to positive, up 3.2% year-on-year, and continued the steady recovery trend.Still struggling with a business project?Don't worry, come and find me!

Automatic cotton candy machine
touch screen operation

quick sugar making process

you're doneIn just two minutes, no human contact is truly safe and hygienic, efficient and delicateThis animation makes my mouth water!

Come see the scene

Multiple venue photos
Nanjing MineThere was a long queue in front of the yellow bee cotton candy machine. Old people, young people and children couldn't resist this intelligent little yellow robot.。

Xinjiang Wanda Baby City

Heilongjiang shopping mall

Automatic Marshmallow Maker VS Traditional Marshmallow Maker

Shunde Liangfu's 99th birthday


There are many, many hot spots. .

Our fully automatic cotton candy robot powder, automatic stick picking, automatic pressing, various styles, remote operation, small footprint,The single cost is a few cents, and the price ranges from 15-30. It is not a problem to recover the cost in about a month. There is no need for manual presence during the production process.Everything can be operated on the bed at home, truly realizing the economy of lying down.

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