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Plaque Award Ceremony for Teaching Base of South China University of Technology & Guangzhou Sunzee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

2022-03-19 09:29:58

May 21, 2021Guangzhou Sunzee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.HeldSchool of Automation, South China University of TechnologyWith Guangzhou Sunzee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.The strategic cooperation signing ceremonyIntroduce the company history

Depend onGuangzhou Sunzee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.General Manager Zhu FangpinA brief introduction to the secretary and professors of South China University of Technology:Guangzhou Sunzee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.It was originally founded by a few students from South China University of Technology.In the process of starting a business, I have always kept in mind the school motto of South China University of Technology:Erudite and thoughtful, discerning and prudentthe other sideGuangzhou Sunzee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.The world's first automatic fancy marshmallow machine from 2015 So far, it has won the trust of many new and old customers in this fieldNow it has grown to have hundreds of employees and exports to more than 40 countriesAn enterprise that sells thousands of new retail equipment annually

En esta situación Guangzhou Sunzee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. atentamente y alma mater Universidad Tecnológica del Sur de China alcanzó una cooperación estratégica de talento Primero, para complementar el grupo de expertos de talento de Sunzee Intelligence En segundo lugar, proporcionar un espacio de pasantías y aprendizaje para los estudiantes de la Universidad Tecnológica del Sur de China. Trabajar juntos para crear un futuro mejor

Universidad Tecnológica del Sur de ChinaEscuela de Ciencias e Ingeniería de AutomatizaciónGuo Xiangrui, secretario del comité del partido, y Chen An, subdirector del laboratorio.Presentar la situación básica de la escuela.y destacó el apoyo a esta cooperación

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Ceremonia de la placa en curso

The two sides jointly unveiledofficially confirmedGuangzhou Sunzee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.For students of South China University of Technology School of Automationteaching practice basevisit the production department

in the production departmentLeaders such as professors from South China University of TechnologyDetails of automatic cotton candy machineIntelligent manufacturing process and details

6 years of continuous research and development in production Sunzee Intelligence has focused on continuous polishing of craftsmanship.Insist on constantly updating and iterating products and functionsJust to make a better automatic cotton candy machine.Create better products for customers.

At the end The cotton candy produced by the MG-320 automatic cotton candy machine was delivered to the teachers for tasting.

After the plaque awareness is over

Group photoA single thread does not make a thread A single tree does not make a forestSincere cooperation and win-win cooperation

Automatic Marshmallow Robot SeriesMG-320



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