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Sunzee Smart Marshmallow Equipment and Country Garden Robot Restaurant realize diversified strategic cooperation

2022-03-17 17:20:07

Knowing Country Garden's current company business in 2020

Robot restaurant will further cover the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Provide smart restaurant renovation planIn this way,

the closed-loop industrial chain of supply,

production and operation can be realizedSuch a broad prospect and market

Country Garden FOODOM Heavenly Food KingdomDid not drop the cotton candy robotWith Shenze Smart Marshmallow Robot

Diversified strategic cooperationMarshmallow RobotHigh labor cost in solving marshmallow productionThe industry has no standards and few channels

Buying is difficult and waiting for pain points at the same timeIt is also possible to place

an order within 2 minutes from scanning the code

The entire purchase and production process of cotton candy

Safe, hygienic, no contactFashionable and unique tastesthrough IoT technology

Real-time monitoring of machine operation in the backgroundand consumables usagefill the industry at home and abroad

The market gap of intelligent manufacturing

Maximize industry profitsStandardized and scaled operating model

Push the development of the industry to a new stage of development.

Let's experience the robot restaurant first

Followed by live photos of the marshmallow robot

The children in the long queue couldn't help but poked their heads out.

Under the scorching sun, I still can't melt my heart that wants to eat marshmallows

soon every little angel

Got it

Unique cotton candy of your own choicedifferent tastes different moodsvery happy

About the Automatic Marshmallow Robot: There is no need for manual operation and learning, and the machine is operated by a manipulator throughout the whole process. Scan the code in about 2 minutes to get a fancy marshmallow. Wherever it goes, where it is popular, not only children are vying to line up to experience, but even adults join the ranks to find a lost childhood memory. Fill in the gaps in the market: For the product of cotton candy machine, the domestic market is all hand-operated, and the rolled ones are all fancy-free. We can see a single hand-made cotton candy machine everywhere, and there is nothing new. Farewell to the hand-operated marshmallow robot, the automatic marshmallow robot was born for this reason, the domestic market marshmallow robot is in a blank period, so the saturation of the market is very important to us, whoever seizes the first opportunity can earn Get the first pot of gold! Entrepreneurial tool: The cotton candy robot is equivalent to opening a small mobile store, which is an entrepreneurial tool. 1 square meter can open a shop to start a business.

Keep learning with the times after tasting these delicacies

These robots and the entire restaurantWhat needs to be learned

Intelligent technology leads life/service lifeProfessional construction must also stay close to the forefront

Closely aligned with social and business needsCreate smarter and more convenient technology

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