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Magic Boy's Journey to Zhongshan - 2017 Sunzee Intelligent Automatic Marshmallow Machine Zhongshan Exhibition

2022-03-17 16:24:21

Magic Kid's Zhongshan Tour Just to find the old youWhen we were children, we always liked to look up at the sky, the white clouds in the sky, and imagined that one day, we would be able to fly, and our flying is the pursuit of dreams, floating on the clouds, and finding our own taste in the softness of colors.When we were children, we always liked to wait on the street, waiting for someone to pluck the clouds from the sky. We all like the sweet taste. Isn't that the taste of clouds?Finally we all grow up, dreams may be forgotten, but the sweetness of the corners of our mouths always reminds us of childhood moments,Now the magic boy has come to the Zhongshan Game and Amusement Exhibition to bring you back to the feeling of the past. The taste of happiness and sweetness still exists, and our childhood has never died.

   The 10th China (Zhongshan) International Game and Amusement Fair, jointly sponsored by China Culture and Entertainment Industry Association, China Amusement Park Association, Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Zhongshan Municipal People's Government, opened at Zhongshan Expo Center on August 11 . The theme of this year's tourism expo is "Ten Years Leap, Create Greater Glory". The main venue is located in Zhongshan Expo Center, and the branch venue is located in Guangdong Game and Amusement Industry City. The total exhibition area of the conference is 100,000 square meters, with 1,500 booths. There are theme park service and amusement machine exhibition area, children's amusement exhibition area, electronic game machine exhibition area, etc. There are 450 domestic and foreign companies participating in the exhibition, exhibiting more than 600 kinds of new game and amusement products. It is estimated that the trade turnover will reach 3.51 billion yuan. During the exhibition, a series of industry professional activities such as the 2017 Global Game and Amusement Industry Development Conference and the National Seminar on Safety Technology of Large-scale Amusement Facilities will also be held. China (Zhongshan) International Game and Amusement Fair was established in 2008. After 10 years of development, it has become an important business card of Zhongshan facing the world, and an international stage for Zhongshan game and entertainment enterprises to show their strength and brand products. . Today, Zhongshan's game and entertainment industry has developed into a complete industrial chain covering research and development, manufacturing and installation, theme project planning, etc., and has become China's largest production base and distribution center for game and amusement machines.

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The guy who makes cotton candy is the most handsome

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In this way, the 3-day Game and Amusement Expo has ended successfully. Our Magic Boys have also gained a lot of valuable experience and support and advice from all parties. We look forward to meeting you again next time.

Sincerely, Guangzhou Sunzee Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

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