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This summer is sweeter with you

2022-03-17 15:53:50

travel, not travel, Perhaps it is a collision of the heart;

product, not product,

Perhaps it is a collection of memories;

On the way, I met a city,

I don't want to be like another city;

On the way, I met a city,

I don't want to be like another city;

I am looking forward to seeing an object in a city. It is full of features, exquisite and unique, and it is worth collecting. When I meet it, it is as if I have met myself after a long absence, and said:Hi there, long time no see!

With the unremitting efforts of all our friends, we came as promised and came to you!And won the audience to stop and watch.

The taste of marshmallows is not only soft and sweet. When you take it as a mood and taste its meaning,

you will find different things. How about the event production site? Let Xiaobian take you to find out!

Today's protagonist:Quietly hiding in the corner, a little shy...

Advertising at the event:Taste the sea, send cotton candy, is there any wood?Is there any wood? This one really has!

oh! I was discovered by my friends!

Please poke me lightly, I hurt...

The satisfaction of watching my friends get the marshmallows...I am also very pleased...I didn't expect that I would be so popular, and the mobile phone parties will not cut their hands and make videos now! :)

Not all flowers can be eaten, small fancy marshmallows, colorful and sweet,The entrance is soft and soft, at this moment, it becomes a big love, only cotton candy and you can't live up to it!

Meet the special you--"Huahua" robot

It's a good season to eat

It's a wonderful season when Marshmallow meets Kung Fu Kid...

It's a wonderful moment when Marshmallow meets foreign friends...

It's a happy season when marshmallows meet "big and small" friends...

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